Preventative Cleanings & Exams

Learn about dental teeth cleaning before making an appointment.

At Schultz Family Dental of Park Ridge we want everyone to have a healthy mouth.  Along with daily home maintenance, cleanings and exams about six-months apart will help most patients keep their smiles bright and healthy. Some patients will need more frequent visits, and this will be addressed during your exam.

All patients will receive a fully comprehensive exam, which evaluates the wellness of the gums, teeth, and other oral tissues. Along with your exam we take digital x-rays and pictures of your teeth with our intra oral camera. This allows us to diagnose anything that is occurring in your mouth that we cannot see with the naked eye.

With all of the information we collect, Dr. Schultz can then form a treatment plan for you, and have a personal conversation to help you understand your oral health. It is at this time, that you can voice any concerns you have with your teeth as well!

Dental Cleanings are meant to remove dental plaque and build up from teeth and gums. This cleaning procedure aids in the prevention of hygiene conditions such as gingivitis and periodontal disease. We take special care in cleaning all of the hard to reach areas.

Some Big Smiles From Our Happy Customers…

  • Friendly, professional, and knowledgeable staff. Dr. Schultz is very mindful of patient comfort and provides top-quality care. Going to the dentist stresses me out but she helps ease my worries and makes the experience positive. Definitely wouldn’t go anywhere else 🙂

    Pam O. Customer
  • Wonderful patient care and attention to detail. Dr. Schultz is great!”

    Russell C. Customer
  • By far, Dr Schultz is the best dentist out there. I have nothing but awesome things to say about her and her staff. Thank you for making dentist visits stress free and enjoyable!!

    Toni R. Customer

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