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Dental fillings and cosmetic fillings in Park Ridge, IL.

Restorative fillings

Restorative fillings are done when a tooth has decay or has lost structure. These are the most common types of fillings in any dental. There are multiple materials that can be used to restore teeth. They include composite, amalgam, cast gold, and ceramics.

Cosmetic fillings

When a tooth cannot be re-shaped by simple adjustment or if the shade is not to your liking, we consider cosmetic fillings. Whereas contouring involves changing the shape of the teeth by removing enamel, a filling is the addition of a dental material in order to change a tooth’s shape, look, and color.

The exact material used depends on the desired look, availability, and patient preference. Most of the time a composite filling material is used, but for custom cosmetic dentistry a lab made porcelain filling can also be used to change the look and function of your teeth.

Types of Dental Materials for Fillings:

Amalgam is what most people think of as the silver fillings. They are mainly used for back teeth that are out of sight. Though there has been controversy about these fillings and its contents, the ADA has made many statements that they are completely safe to use and are a wonderful option to use to restore your teeth.

Cast gold fillings are a wonderful material to use in your mouth. There is very little wear on your opposing teeth when gold is used. It is also noted that genuine gold is non-reactive, meaning you won’t have to worry about corrosion.

Ceramic fillings are mostly made of porcelain or zirconia, which gives them the added benefit of being able to match the color of most shades of teeth. These restorations are made at a lab and mimic teeth shape and color beautifully.

Composite fillings are a natural colored and can be used to change the color of teeth or help give you a more natural smile by fixing misshapen teeth. This material is set by using a light to cure the material. The composite filling can be shaped and polished. The main advantage of composite fillings is that the coloring can be matched to your tooth shade, making them less noticeable.

Tooth contouring

Tooth contouring is another term for tooth reshaping. It’s important to note that not only can it fix cosmetic issues such as uneven teeth, overlaps, pointing, and chips but it is also used to repair subtle bite problems as well.

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