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Learn more about dental crowns and dental bridges before making an appointment.

What is a dental crown?

A crown is a permanent fixture that covers the whole tooth. This is cemented to remaining tooth structure, and is meant to fully function as a regular tooth.

There are multiple reasons why a crown should be placed such as replacing a large piece of missing tooth, replacing a large old filling, protecting a tooth that has had a root canal, or for cosmetic purposes.
Once we determine that you are a fit candidate for a crown, it will usually take two appointments to complete at our dental office.

Your first appointment will consist of prepping the tooth for the crown, taking an impression, and creating a temporary crown until the permanent one is ready from the highly qualified lab.

At your second visit, Dr. Schultz will remove the temporary crown and seat the permanent crown. She will make sure that everything fits correctly and that you are happy with the fit and color before cementing it!

What is a bridge?

Bridges are used to replace a missing tooth by literally “bridging the gap”. These are sometimes called a fixed partial denture, because it is fixed to your teeth and can only be removed by a dentist.

Dental bridges are created by placing crowns on the two teeth surrounding the missing tooth. They are connected by a “false” tooth” that looks exactly like a crown/natural tooth.

Much like crowns, Bridges can take 2 appointments to complete with the same steps as mentioned above.

Care and maintenance

After being delivered, your crown or bridge should feel and look just like natural teeth. There may be some adjustments needed. Always brush and floss in-between your prosthetic teeth just as you do with your real ones.

Dr. Schultz and our Hygienist will help you learn exactly how to care for your crowns and bridges and what specific dental products to use.

It’s also important to keep up with your regularly scheduled dental appointments. This helps to avoid any future issues because the dentist is able to keep an eye on things to ensure strength and health of the prosthesis.

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    Russell C. Customer
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